Retired BatPigs


Occasionally we'll retire one of our adult BatPig's and place them into an approved pet home! They're extremely well loved... spoiled even... and they've lived their lives here at the manor as part of our program and family. We'll be VERY picky about where we place our retired adults. Friends, family, and those we won't have to worry about remaining in ridiculously close contact with us will be our ideal placements. We like lots and lots of updates and perhaps even the occasional visit. So yes, we typically only place our retired adults in local homes... but exceptions have been made before. Pricing on our retired adults will be comparable to our pet pricing. Retired adults will leave the manor pre-loved and up to date on all shots. AKC registration is transferred as limited, so essentially you're getting a young adult who is already house trained and akc registered at ridiculously discounted pet pricing! If a puppy isn't for you and you'd prefer a retired adult please indicate this when filling out your application! Preference will always be given to those who already own pups we have produced and their friends/family!


This retired BatPig now resides in a local pet home! 

Chalupa BatGirl

Daughter of SeaBrisket. 
This BatPig has retired and moved to a pet home in Massachusetts!

Queen Beef

This retired BatPig will remain here at BatPig Manor!

Cheddar Bob

This retired BatPig will remain here at BatPig Manor!

Churro the Annihilator

This retired BatPig now lives with the same family who adopted Sully!

Princess Pork Chop

Daughter of Queen Beef.
This retired BatPig now lives in the same home as her brother Angus!

Kevin Bacon

Son of Benny Ruxpin.
Kevin Bacon now resides with the same family who adopted Hela! 

Horchata the Horrible

Daughter of Churro the Annihilator of BatPig Manor and Spek of FrenchaholicS
Horchata now resides with her co-own family!


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