BatPig Manor French Bulldogs also offers a unique co-ownership & Guardian home experiences for prospective families!

Occasionally we have pups or young adults we've held back that we'd just love to keep, but unfortunately we just don't have the room. As they say... you can't keep them all. But man, wouldn't it be nice?

We operate a very small, strict, home-based program and since we don't like to keep un-altered boys around the house near un-altered girls we need to keep things manageable... but some of the pups we produce contain the key ingredients to make some really beautiful BatPig's! This means in a few rare cases we will consider placing certain pups into the homes of friends, family and those who have entered into a co-ownership or Guardian home contracts with us... and at substantially reduced rates!

These contracts usually entail being able to offer stud services if you're placed with a boy, or possibly even help raising a litter or two of your own if placed with a girl and you're an approved small program or experienced home! Each agreement is tailored to the particular pup and\or situation. Male co-ownership agreements are fairly straightforward and simple. Females get tricky, which is why they're quite rare and to be completely honest... very unlikely.

We only consider homes that are local to Spencerport New York, or within an immediate driving distance. Co-own and Guardian home partners must be able to appear, as if my magic, up to 3-6 times a year with as little as 24 hours notice for the duration of the arrangement! Placements only occur in homes that are secure, fenced, and contain no other un-altered canines. We actually prefer them to be the only household canine in most cases, but will consider certain homes with well mannered and behaved altered pets. We are ridiculously picky about the homes we place our pups in, and even more so when it comes to our co-owned BatPigs! If you don't tick all our boxes we're unable to consider you for co-ownership. 

Co-owned & Guardian home BatPig's are generally less expensive than the typical price that particular pup may carry because we know most are only interested in a pet or studding male and we value your participation in our program! We hold AKC registration for the duration of the contract and once finished we transfer the AKC papers to you and WE pay to spay or neuter your BatPig, if applicable! So basically you're signing on to get an AKC quality "keeper" at PET pricing without having to pay for the alteration procedure within 8 months that you'd normally encounter when purchasing a lesser quality pup at our pet pricing. Effectively, this is the least expensive method of obtaining a pet BatPig! 

As far as stud services go if being placed with a male...  you don't actually need to do much at all. If and when we need the services of your boy we pick up the phone or shoot you a text and tell you when your appointment will be and you'll take your BatPig directly to Dr. Tim at Hilton Vet for a professionally observed collection. That's it! In most cases, we'll even be meeting you there! We handle everything! 

Guardian home females are generally only placed into the homes of those who have previous experience whelping litters, otherwise they must agree to allow expectant mothers to whelp pups at BatPig Manor. It's rare we offer girls up for co-own/guardian arrangements so please do not be offended if we refuse a request.

Interested in co-ownership or being a guardian home? Fill out our application and then contact us immediately afterwards to let us know this is something you'd be interested in. If you're approved for a spot on our list we'll work out the details from there. Talk soon!  ;-)

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