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Welcome to the BatPig Manor Waiting List Page!
Here you will find lists of people who have paid deposits for the opportunity to have "first pick" of the pups we have yet to produce, the date they joined, and what they're ideally looking for in a BatPig pup. Be sure to look closely before deciding to join. Sometimes it may look full, but if you look closer you'll notice many of the people are intentionally waiting\passing because they are not ready for a pup just yet, or they're holding out for something very particular! Simply put, a spot at the bottom of our list does not always mean you have to wait a long time! In fact it's not unusual to see about 8-10 people "camping" on our list passing on pups offered to them for months, sometimes years before they make a selection! In those cases spot number 11 or 12 might as well be spot number 1 or 2 to someone joining new! If you are uncertain of how our list(s) work scroll to the bottom of this page for more detailed information! If you'd like to know more about the current state of our list(s) and those on it before making your decision to join don't hesitate to ask and we can give you an "estimated" time before you're able to take part in puppy selections!


UPDATE: With six litters of pups on the way we have extended our waiting lists! Secure your position today!


          1. AMY P. 
            Join Date: 12/23/20
            “Female like Pork”

          2. REGINA K. 
            Join Date: 12/30/20

          3. SARA E. 
            Join Date: 1/15/22
            "Merle, Blue Merle, Fluffy"

          4. MAC T. 
            Join Date: 1/23/22

          5. CLAIRE S. 
            Join Date: 2/23/22
            "Female or retiree"

          6. BRIANNA M. 
            Join Date: 3/1/22

          7. TOMAS G. 
            Join Date: 3/2/22
            "Black Brindle Male"

          8. COLLEEN C.* 
            Join Date: 12/4/22
            "Brindle Male"

          9. LAURA & AARON P.
            Join Date: 7/1/23

          10. KIM & DIRK *
            Join Date: 8/13/23
          11. AVAILABLE
          12. AVAILABLE
          13. AVAILABLE
          14. AVAILABLE
          15. AVAILABLE
          16. AVAILABLE
          17. AVAILABLE
          18. AVAILABLE
          19. AVAILABLE
          20. AVAILABLE


          1. ANONYMOUS
            Join Date: 11/12/22

          2. NICK & LIZZY
            Join Date: 11/12/22
            "High White Male"

          3. YOLANDA M. *
            Join Date: 6/17/23

          4. AVAILABLE
          5. AVAILABLE
          6. AVAILABLE
          7. AVAILABLE
          8. AVAILABLE
          9. AVAILABLE
          10. AVAILABLE

⬅️  =  If/when shown this arrow indicates our current place in our puppy selection process! Anyone listed above this individual has either opted to pass and wait for future litters, or they failed to respond and we’ll circle back to them later. Anyone listed below has not been contacted yet and will hear from us when it’s their turn! No arrow at all? That means we're finished with puppy selections, unclaimed pups (if any) are made available to the public, and you're viewing the results of the last pass we made down our list! Questions? Contact us!

❎  =  Passing their turn to claim a pup from a future litter.

❌  =  Failed to respond, circling back later.

*  =  Prepaid @ Discounted Rate
Save 2K or more on your future BatPig pup!
Inquire for details!


The families listed above have paid deposits to reserve the puppies we release from any of our upcoming litters! Once puppies are born we typically wait until BatPig pups reach about 3-5 weeks of age until we decide who will stay and who will be released to our waiting list. Sometimes sooner if we're not planning on holding any back for ourselves. Puppies are then offered to the families on this list in the order in which they appear until all have been claimed! Unclaimed puppies, if any, are then offered to the public through our application process. At 8-10wks they then move on to their new homes.

Families may choose to pass when it comes to their turn and remain on our list as long as they desire if holding out for something particular. Families may also specify what they may be searching for when being added to our list, but you’re under no obligation to stick to these specifics whatsoever. Come your turn to pick from our available pups you may select any pup you desire, no matter your initial preferences. These are just notated underneath your name and used as "guidelines" to help us prepare and plan our future pairings! Our program revolves solely around our waiting list clients... your desires essentially determine who gets paired to who, and if we do not have approved homes lined up on our waiting list we do not plan pairings! 

If you ask to be removed from this list for any reason whatsoever please keep in mind there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE as these funds are typically exhausted preparing for litters, screening DNA, paying for stud fees and other expenses. Do not join our waiting list unless you are truly ready and committed to welcoming a new BatPig in your life! More questions about how this list works? Contact us! 


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