BatPig Manor Waiting List

List last updated at 8:33PM EDT on 7/23/21

      1. CONSTANCE & BEN*
        “Male quad, full AKC”

      2. AMY P.
        “Female PPC Merle preferred, Open"

      3. STACEY C.*
        “Blue or possibly Frencthon"

      4. REGINA K.

      5. AMBER H.*
        “Merle Pied"

      6. NICK & LIZ C.*

      7. CHRYSTAL S.*

      8. JOANN S.

      9. MADDY C.
        “Frenchton, Open"

      10. CAROLINE R.

      11. AMANDA & EVAN P.

      12. LEE & SUZANNE*

      13. ANONYMOUS
        “Male Frenchton or Female Fawn/Brindle"

      14. TAMARA G.*
        “Female, Open"

      15. ALYSON B.*

      16. AMANDA B.*

      17. TAMMY S.

      18. CONSTANCE & BEN
*  =  Prepaid @ Discounted Rate


The families listed above have paid deposits to reserve the puppies we release from any of our upcoming litters! Once born we usually wait until BatPig pups have reached about 3-5wks of age to make any decision on who's staying and who's being released to the fine folks on this list. Once we've received any DNA results we are waiting on and we’ve made our decisions the pups we've chosen to release are offered to the families on our list in the order in which they appear until all have been claimed!

Families may choose to pass and remain on our list as long as they desire if holding out for something particular. Families may also specify what they may be searching for when being added to our list, but you’re under no obligation to stick to these specifics whatsoever. Come your turn to pick from our available pups you may select any pup you desire, no matter your initial preferences. These are just notated underneath your name and used as "guidelines" to help us prepare and plan our future pairings! Our program revolves solely around our waiting list clients... your desires essentially determine who gets paired to who, and if we do not have approved homes lined up on our waiting list we do not plan pairings! 

Once pups are claimed the waiting list is updated to remove\reflect those who have chosen a pup, anyone below them moves up, and anyone who chose to pass stays where they are (or moves up) and their notes are amended to reflect what they're waiting or holding out for.

Reserved BatPig pups move on to the new families who claimed them at 8-10wks of age, no sooner. Any newly opened spots are then offered to any previously approved applicants we may have waiting. Unclaimed pups, if any, will be offered to the public. 

Additional questions about how our list and reservation process works? CLICK HERE!