For all of you messaging & contacting us recently; we are not ignoring you! It's been very busy here at BatPig Manor! We’ll answer most questions below! IF INTERESTED IN A BATPIG PUP PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE and then use the links below to navigate where you need to go. We prioritize our time (and our responses) for those who have read this page in its entirety and filled out our application. It saves us from having to repeat what’s already written here and shows us you’re serious! If you contact us asking anything that’s already been covered here and have not submitted an application with us... chances are we’re not responding. Sorry for the novel, but you’ll thank us later. Promise! 👌😉


BatPig pups are in incredibly high demand so we currently maintain a waiting list (linked below) of approved applicants who have made $1000 or 25% (whichever is greater) non-refundable deposit payments. We cap this waiting list at a maximum of 10 people to ensure no one waits too long to be matched with a pup, unless they’ve chosen to hold out for something particular. If for some reason we have more than three litters on the way we may choose to extend this list. Once this waiting list is filled we’ll stockpile any applications we receive and as people claim pups we will periodically offer open waiting list spots to our pool of approved applicants.

Occasionally we have a pup that makes it past the folks on our waiting list. If so, they’ll be listed on our available puppies page. You will need to submit an application and receive approval before you can claim/purchase any available pups. Otherwise, if you’re not on our waiting list chances are very slim you’ll have an opportunity to obtain one of our pups. If you’re looking for a pup “right this moment” we’re probably not the breeder for you. Pups rarely make it past those on our list and even if we didn’t have the demand we are currently experiencing we generally prefer to place our pups into the homes of those who have made deposits and followed along with us throughout the entire process... from planning the litter, seeing ultrasounds, birth updates, weigh-ins, feedings, everything! Hell, our prospective families can even watch their pups from the moment they’re born up until the day they go home on a live web stream, any time day or night! It’s as if you get to produce and raise the pup yourself... without any of the sleepless nights or work! 😂

Our process is absolutely second-to-none which is probably why so many folks are willing to wait to pick out one of our pups... and we’re so very thankful for their support and the trust they’ve placed in us! 🥰🙏🏻

Now let’s get down to brass tacks...

We produce both standard and “designer” BatPig pups using only health tested & DNA screened adults! Litters are planned based on the desires of those who have placed deposits to appear on our waiting list. If the majority of those on our list are interested in standard pups, we plan standard pairings. If they’re interested in designer pups, we plan designer pairings. Third party stud fees and many other factors determine the pricing of our pups. Designer litters requiring us to spend thousands in stud fees will be notably more expensive than standard litters produced using our own in-house studs. This is why our standard pups start at $3500 on up, and our designers start at $5500 on up.

Pricing for our “standard” BatPig pups typically ranges between $3500 and $5499USD
(ie. Fawn, Piebald, Brindle, etc.)

Pricing on our “designer” BatPig pups typically starts at $5500 and goes up from there.
(ie. Black & Tan, Blue, Merle, etc.)

Pricing quoted above is discounted PET PRICING. Pet pricing is contingent upon a legally binding spay/neuter contract signed between new families and BatPig Manor French Bulldogs which means you are to spay or neuter your BatPig pup by a specified date. Limited AKC registrations are withheld until the pups spay/neuter obligation has been fulfilled.

Full AKC BatPig’s including breeding & showing rights are sometimes made available to approved homes and small programs. Full AKC BatPig’s include a lifetime mentoring commitment between buyers and BatPig Manor! We are extremely picky where our bloodlines wind up, inquire for more details!

Our process is fairly simple... once we decide which pups will be staying and which pups we’ll be releasing (approx wks 3-5) we work our way down our waiting list offering each pup to waiting list members in the order in which they appear until all pups have been claimed. Any people who have claimed pups are removed from our list, and anyone who remains moves up the list. Newly-opened positions on our list are then offered to our pool of pending applicants. If for some reason a pup makes it past the people on our waiting list unclaimed it’ll be offered to the public through our application process. If approved, these unclaimed pups can be reserved immediately.

All BatPig pups are vet checked at around 6-7 weeks of age and given a clean bill of health prior to visiting with any new people. We do not allow visitors to our home with nursing mothers and young pups on site, the risks are far too great. We will however schedule puppy meets after pups have been inoculated, if still unclaimed. We also offer 24/7 live cam feeds, FaceTime chat, and provide as many media updates as folks desire. Once you’re on our list we essentially work for you until we’ve produced and paired you with the BatPig pup of your dreams!
At around 8-10 weeks of age they become ready for pickup! All balances are due no less than one week prior to pickup if paying digitally or by check which gives these types of payments ample time to clear. Any deposit fees you’ve already paid to us are deducted from the final price of your BatPig! (If paying online you will be given a discount code to reflect and discount your paid deposit.)

All BatPig pups go home with a complete BatPig Manor Puppy Package that includes a lifetime steel crate, toys, bed, food, snacks, a collar, leash, brush, BatPig Manor pet tag, an implanted microchip, even a one year health guarantee!

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Thank you all so very much for your interest and support! If we linked you to this page in response to a question you’ve sent us, please forgive us! We're not trying to be rude! Having this all typed out and ready for those who ask us questions saves us a HUGE amount of time when we're busy taking care of our pups! Besides, those who are truly serious about speaking with us fill out applications! 😉

Thanks for your interest! 🥰🙏🏻🦇🐷🐾

Chris & Darrelle
BatPig Manor French Bulldogs
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